5 Tips to Identifying Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be cured if it’s found in the initial stages, so this makes early detection vital. As a result, people should know what to look for, so that they can identify the signs of skin cancer.

Types of skin cancer

Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are the 3 main types of skin cancer, with melanoma being the most serious.

Treating skin cancer

Mohs surgery is typically recommended for the treatment of skin cancer, because it is highly effective, and has a high cure rate (read more).

5 Tips to Identifying Skin Cancer

Dermatologists recommend a monthly skin self-exam at home that involves a comprehensive inspection of the entire body. A self-exam can be done using 5 simple tips known as the ABCDE of skin cancer.

  1. Asymmetry. Normal moles are typically symmetrical, whereas abnormal lesions are asymmetrical i.e. the two halves are irregular in shape, and do not match each other.
  2. Border. Moles usually have a smooth border with a circular or oval shape, so moles that have a jagged, uneven border should be considered suspicious.
  3. Color. A mole typically has no more than two colors, so moles that have 3 or more distinctive colors should be examined by a board certified dermatologist.
  4. Diameter. Moles that are larger than 6mm or ¼ inch should also be evaluated by a dermatologist.
  5. Evolving. If you have a mole or any other skin lesion that looks different, or has changed in size, shape, or color, it could be a sign of skin cancer.

Have you noticed any suspicious skin lesions you would like evaluated? Search our directory to find a practice in your area (learn more).

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