Are Skin Cancer Checks Covered By Insurance?

Australia has a very high rate of skin cancer, one of the highest in the world, so the need for regular skin cancer checks cannot be overemphasized.  However, because of the costs associated with this procedure people always want to know – Are skin cancer checks covered by insurance.

Importance Of Skin Cancer Checks

Suspicious spots on the skin should never be ignored, as they may carry the risk of cancer. So you should always keep an eye out for new moles, or changes to the ones you already have.  Catching cancer early can make all the difference in successfully fighting the disease.

How Often Should Cancer Checks Be Done

Regular self-checks are necessary, therefore it’s important to know your body, so that any changes can be identified and checked out right away. In addition, an annual check with a skin cancer specialist is recommended for people with a high risk of developing skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Checks

We recognize the importance of having regular skin care checks, that’s why we offer this service using the state-of-the-art FotoFinder imaging system. FotoFinder provides a thorough full body imaging for moles, and other spots.

Are Skin Cancer Checks Covered By Insurance

Medical Centers will offer a rebate on the doctor’s fee, but does not normally cover the cost of specialized whole body screening for skin cancer checks.

However, there are some private health insurers that do. You should therefore check with your provider to find out what costs are covered, before making your appointment for screening.

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