Ideally, intercourse is supposed to be an immensely enjoyable experience, but that is not the reality of women that have burning with intercourse. The pain and discomfort often makes them lose interest in sex altogether, and also negatively impacts intimacy with their partner. The burning and pain that accompanies intercourse can be due to a condition known as vulvodynia.

About Vulvodynia
Vulvodynia is described as a searing pain in the vulvar area. It is often mis-diagnosed because many gynecologists are not experienced in recognizing the condition. In some instances the intense pain forces women to withdraw from regular activities such as prolonged walking, exercising, and sexual intercourse (read more).

The pain may be localized at the opening of the vagina known as the vestibule or it may involve referred pain into the labia and can on occasion trigger pelvic floor muscle spasms. The pain may be constant, or it may come and go. The symptoms are not the same for every woman with the condition with the type of pain feeling like burning, rawness, stinging, pins and needles or searing pain. The pain  can be accompanied by lesser degrees of itching.

Diagnosis and Treatment
Vulvodynia has traditionally been diagnosed with a cotton tip applicator test, which is done to determine the main pain centers. However, even that simple test is painful for some women.

Conventional treatment includes topical vulvar and oral medication, but many of these only provide short-term relief of the symptoms and none of which provide consistent progressive relief. The internet is full of dysmal stories about women who continue to suffer despite seeing multiple physicians and having tries these “mainstream” treatment approaches.

Fowler GYN International (FGI) offers a different treatment approach of which success is backed up by numerous testimonials. At FGI, vulvodynia and it’s  potential contributing factors are accurately diagnosed with the use of advanced diagnostic techniques. For those women with burning with intercourse, FGI has developed a successful treatment protocol that can offer women the relief that they desire.

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