Can I Remove My Eye Floaters?

Have you ever noticed floaters in your eyes? Eye floaters are annoying and generally harmless, so most people simply learn to live with them. However, they can sometimes obstruct vision and adversely impact quality of life. When they start to bother vision, people commonly visit an ophthalmologist to find out how they can remove their eye floaters.

What are eye floaters?

Eye floaters are small spots, strings, or specks that drift across your line of vision. They are actually bits of debris floating around inside the vitreous cavity of the eye, which is the area between the lens and the retina. The cavity is filled with a clear gel-like protein substance known as vitreous that can deteriorate over time.

Eye floaters are quite common, especially in older people, as they are typically caused by age-related changes in the vitreous. When eye floaters move around, they sometimes cast a shadow on the retina and interfere with vision.

Can eye floaters be removed?

Yes, eye floaters can be removed with laser vitreolysis. Laser vitreolysis is a minimally invasive treatment that uses nanosecond pulses of laser light to evaporate the floaters, and cut the vitreous bands.

Treatment takes 10-30 minutes, and some patients may require multiple sessions. After treatment patients will notice a significant reduction in the number of floaters. There is usually some redness and irritation after the procedure, but this typically clears within 3 days (click here to learn more).

Do you have eye floaters you would like removed? Search our directory to find a practice in your area.

If you are in the greater Washington DC metro area, contact New View Eye Center in Reston, VA for an ophthalmic examination to determine if you would be a good candidate for laser vitreolysis.

You can reach them at, or by calling 703-834-9777.

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