Can Ultherapy Be Used Directly Under the Eye?

Ultherapy is one of the most advanced technologies available for facial renewal. It offers a ‘non-surgical facelift,’ and is safe enough for use on the entire face. But can Ultherapy be used directly under the eye?

What is Ultherapy?
Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that is designed to lift and tighten the skin. It can be used on the face, neck, and décolletage, and can address sagging skin on the brows, chin, cheeks, and jawline.

How does it work?
Ultherapy delivers targeted ultrasound energy to the deep layers of the skin, and this helps to stimulate collagen and elastin. It also has the effect of lifting the tissue, and putting collagen production into overdrive.

Ultherapy is a relatively pain-free treatment, but patients may feel a slight tingling sensation as the device heats the deep tissues of the skin. There will be some improvement in the appearance of the skin after treatment, but the full results will be seen over the next 4-6 months, as new collagen develops.

Can Ultherapy be used directly under the eyes?
Ultherapy can be used directly under the eyes to improve the appearance of the lower eyelids. However, proper technique must be used, so as to avoid the area right up to the lower lid. Ultherapy is a very effective technology for tightening undereye skin, and also reducing the appearance of wrinkles there.

Ultherapy can work effectively around the eyes, and is also a very effective way to rejuvenate the aging face. Doctors recommend having Ultherapy done every 2 years.

Ultherapy treatment is available in Northern Mississippi, at Accent Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Center located in Tupelo, MS. Call (662) 377-6290 today, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Craig.

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