Treating chronic urinary urges in women

Women who experience the urge to urinate often feel embarrassed by the problem, and some of them are not aware that help is available. Chronic urinary urgency in women is typically linked to a bladder infection, but this is not always the case. That’s why effective treatment depends on proper diagnosis, as well as accurate analysis of the results.


A bladder infection is the standard diagnosis for women who have a frequent and urgency to urinate and burning along the urine stream. Antibiotics are the usual treatment. However, vaginal health experts at Fowler Gyn International (FGI) have identified a cause of chronic urinary urgency in women not associated with bladder infections. The diagnosis is called vulvar contact dermatitis. It results from contact irritants stimulating the urethral meatus which is the opening of the urinary tube. The origin of the contact irritant can be either from the vaginal secretions or from irritants in externally applied common hygienic products. In many cases, the irritation persists long after contact with the initial irritant has ceased.

Impact of Abnormal Micro-Flora

Changes in the micro-flora make-up of the vagina can be detected by a Vaginal Fluid Test or VFA. The test measures the constituents in the vaginal secretions.


The treatment protocol offered by FGI for contact dermatitis includes using the FeminaRx Pure Skin Care Collection, which is acollection of non-allergenic skin care products. FeminaRx was developed by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of FGI. It consists of female hygiene products, inclusive of shampoos, body soaps, and detergents, which are all designed to treat sensitive genital tissues. Based on the specific results of the vaginal fluid analysis test, vaginal rejuvenate therapy is also added to restore micro-flora balance.

Chronic urinary urgency in women can be effectively treated with the help of the diagnostic expertise available at FGI. Contact them online at

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