Improve your acting with comedy character development workshops

Every comedic actor can benefit from comedy workshops that teach the art of delivering good comedy performances. Whether you are a complete beginner or you have doing comedy for a while, you are sure to benefit from comedy character development workshops. These classes give you the techniques you need to deliver authentic performances.

Types of Workshops
At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent, they offer comedy workshops at the beginner and advanced levels. If you are new to comedy, the beginner course will give you some understanding of the world of comedy. This is done with the help of comedic exercises and improv games, which help to hone your distinctive style of delivery and performance.

The level 2 classes explore comedy character development even further. During the workshops, improv games are used to help actors create and maintain a character. In improv there is no script, so the lines are made up as the actors go along. Mastering improv is a great way to build confidence, as you have to react and respond naturally, so that the scene flows.

In order to bring out each actor’s comedic personality, the workshop incorporates different approaches to acting. The class also explores the characteristics of a good comic actor.A key part of this is being able to play a range of different characters.

What you learn
Students are also exposed to skills and techniques that will help them to avoid stereotypes, and build original characters. The comedy persona can be complex, but when actors understand the best way to deliver the roles, they can then tell a story that is both compelling and credible.

Comedy character development workshops (Read more) generally focus on understanding how to develop a character, and mastering standup routine. These workshops are meant to be creative, inspiring, and most of all, lots of fun.

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