Using the Posture Pump to correct forward head posture

Just about everyone has a posture problem, but unfortunately most people are unaware of their poor posture and how it affects their body. A straight neck with level shoulders is the ideal posture, but few people have it, most have what is known as a forward head posture or FHP.It is important to correct forward head posture, as it can negatively impact the neck, spine, shoulders, and hip.

What is a forward head posture?

Forward head posture is a position in which the head juts out, and the shoulders slump.  This type of posture causes tension headaches, as well as pain in the neck and shoulder. FHP can cause the front neck muscles to become weak, and the back neck muscles to stiffen. It can also lead to the weakening of the respiratory muscles, which can in turn affect breathing. FHP also flattens the cervical spine in the neck.


FHP is often the result of people slumping forward to do a range of activities such as working at the computer, or driving. It can also be cause by sitting poorly on the couch, or poor posture when sleeping.

Posture Pump Disc Hydrator

There are exercises designed to correct forward head posture, but FHP can also be corrected by using devices such as the Posture Pump Disc Hydrator. The Pump is designed to improve posture and restore the cervical curvature in the neck.

How it Works

The Posture Pump lifts and separates the joints of the neck and back. The up and down motion of the device strengthens the natural c-curve shape of the cervical spine, and also enhances joint health by providing lubrication and increasing flexibility.

Correcting forward head posture will ease the pain in the neck and shoulders, and also increase the range of motion for the shoulder.

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