How Does Light Therapy Work For Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be very embarrassing, but there are several hair restoration techniques that can bring back natural looking hair. However, traditional hair transplantation methods like the strip technique, have been eclipsed by innovations such as the NeoGraft light therapy. But how well does light therapy work for hair loss? Let’s find out.

What is NeoGraft

NeoGraft Light Therapy is a modern hair restoration method that stimulates hair growth. It is also referred to as low level light therapy or LLLT. The NeoGraft device emits specific wavelengths of green and red light, which target the tissue molecules in the hair follicles, causing structural changes.

How NeoGraft works

NeoGraft is able to spur hair growth, because it increases oxygen levels to the scalp. When the scalp does not have the blood and oxygen needed to repair itself, old, damaged hairs cannot be replaced. As a result, hair becomes thin and bald spots appear.

The lack of oxygen to the scalp causes the hair shaft to shrink, and contributes to androgenetic alopecia or AGA. AGA is patterned hair loss that is very common in men, but women are also affected.

Both male and female pattern baldness can be treated with NeoGraft. As the scalp gets more oxygen, the hair shafts strengthen and grow normally. In addition, NeoGraft helps to increase the production of cellular energy and normalize cell functions, so hair grows consistently as time passes.

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