What’s The Reason For The Evolution Of Men’s Botox Or Bro-tox

Botox isn’t just for women anymore, the men are taking over. So many men are now having botox injections done, that the previously held stereotype of the older female getting botox to help turn back the clock is now out the window. The trend has become so pervasive that it’s been nicknamed ‘brotox.’  But what’s responsible for the evolution of men’s botox, or brotox?

A decade ago men were attached to their wrinkles, they felt wrinkles made them look distinguished, and gave them character. So why have men become so obsessed with botox? There are several reasons, and we look at some of them below:

  • To compete in the job market. Men typically have deep set forehead wrinkles that often make them look angry. Softening these lines makes them appear friendlier, and more approachable, which is very important if you find yourself in the hunt for a job in your 40’s and 50’s, and you’re competing with college grads.
  • Aesthetic procedures for men are more acceptable. There was a time when it was considered taboo for men to undergo any type of aesthetic treatment. It’s now the norm for many male celebrities to routinely indulge in these procedures, and this has helped to give the practice greater acceptance.
  • Men are also going in to get botox thanks to the women in their lives that are getting it done. Oftentimes it’s the wife or girlfriend that encourages a man to give botox a try.

Men like botox because it’s a quick procedure that they can get done in the lunch break, and there is no downtime. There is no sign that the evolution of men’s botox to brotox is going to change anytime soon.

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