How can I fix an upturned nose?

Do you have an upturned nose?  If you do, and it makes you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, you may be interested in finding out if it’s possible to bring the nasal tip down.  But how can you fix an upturned nose?

Upturned nose

An upturned nose has a tip that is angled upward.  This makes it appear short and causes the nostrils to look more prominent.   Some people are born with an upturned nose, but it can also be the result of an injury or previous nose surgery. An upturned nose does not usually cause any health problems, but it can be corrected if desired.

How can I fix an upturned nose?

An upturned nose is a common complaint that can be fixed with rhinoplasty.   Rhinoplasty also known as a nose job is a surgical procedure that is done to modify the shape or size of the nose.  It is an in-office procedure that is carried out under general anesthesia, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete (learn more).

Rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of an upturned nose by pushing the tip of the nose downward, and lengthening the nose.   Lengthening the nose typically involves the use of cartilage grafts.

Nose surgery to correct an upturned nose can be done using the closed or open technique.  All the incisions for closed rhinoplasty are made inside the nose, but open rhinoplasty requires an additional incision on the columella, which is the cartilage between the nostrils.  

Would you like to fix your upturned nose?

If you are in Staten Island, Manhattan or Brooklyn, NY, contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo for a consultation.  Patients from all across the world contact Dr. Vitolo for treatment.

You can reach Dr. Vitolo at or by calling (877) 790-7729.

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