How Do I Tell My Partner To Seek Treatment for Snoring?

If your partner’s snoring is preventing you from getting a peaceful night’s sleep, it’s time to let them know.  But confronting them might not be easy, so you may be wondering – How do I tell my partner to seek treatment for snoring. We offer some tips below.

How to tell your partner to seek treatment for snoring

  1. Choose a neutral space. It may be more comfortable to tell your partner about their snoring problem during a night out, or while taking a walk. Be honest and open about the fact that their snoring is affecting your sleep, but remember to be kind and gentle as well.
  2. Be very certain to address the problem of snoring. When you speak to your partner, make it very clear that snoring is the problem. You don’t want them to feel offended and think that you’re criticizing them.
  3. Have a solution in mind. It’s a good idea to do some research ahead of time, to find out some of the most effective solutions for snoring. When you approach it this way, your partner will understand that you’re bringing up the problem, because you want them to get help.

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