How Many Sessions Do I Need To Remove My Tattoo?

Many people have tattoos that they regret, and laser tattoo removal is the safest and most recommended non-invasive removal method. People generally have a lot of concerns about laser tattoo removal, but the duration of the process is something almost all patients are concerned about, so one of the questions most often asked is – How many sessions do I need to remove my tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal uses laser energy to target and fade a tattoo. Intense bursts of laser energy are directed into the tattoo pigment. The ink particles in the skin absorb laser energy and this causes it to shatter into smaller particles that are eventually flushed from the body. There is some level of discomfort associated with the procedure, but it is well tolerated by most patients.

How many sessions do you need

The number of sessions needed to remove your tattoo will depend on several factors. One of the first things patients need to be aware of is the fact that the body takes time to eliminate the ink after it has been treated.

The speed at which tattoo removal takes place also depends on the ink colors used, the location, your skin type, the tattoo size, and the type of laser technology used.

The number of laser sessions required for tattoo removal can range anywhere from     5-8 sessions. However, in cases where tattoos are layered, more sessions may be required. Doctors recommend waiting 4-6 weeks between sessions, in order to give the skin adequate time to heal and avoid any damage.

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