How much does chin augmentation cost

Are you thinking about getting a chin implant, but wonder how much surgery is going to cost?  Cost is an important consideration when doing chin augmentation, and it’s one of the aspects of the procedure the plastic surgeon will discuss during the initial consultation. 

What is Chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation involves the use of surgical implants to modify the shape or size of the chin.  A strong, taut chin not only looks good, it’s also associated with youthfulness and success.

How much does chin augmentation cost

The average cost of chin augmentation is $2,364, based on 2018 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  However, the cost at each practice will vary significantly from the average, because there are a number of variables that affect the cost.  

Factors that impact the cost of chin augmentation

  • Plastic Surgeon’s fee:  The fee the surgeon charges for chin augmentation will be influenced by their experience, skill, and reputation.
  • Location of the practice: Chin augmentation generally costs more in large cities with higher overheads.
  • Surgical facility fee: The fee charged for the surgical facility will differ depending on the technology available, expertise of the staff, and services offered.
  • Anesthesia fee:  The experience and credentials of the anesthesiologist, will determine how much they charge.

Since the shape of the chin can affect the appearance of the nose, chin augmentation is often combined with rhinoplasty, in order to ensure that the facial features are balanced.  This will of course push up the cost of the procedure.

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