How often do you need to get your moles evaluated?

Moles on the body are usually nothing to worry about. Some people are born with them, while others develop them later in life, and they can also occur as a result of excess sun exposure. However, since some types of cancer start out as a harmless mark on the skin, doctors suggest getting moles evaluated if you notice any changes in their appearance. But how often do you need to get your moles evaluated.

Moles are discolored spots on the skin that may be tan, black, red, brown, or skin colored. They appear in varying shapes and sizes, and may be flat or raised. Moles are essentially a cluster of melanocytes, which are cells that produce dark pigment (melanin).

Why you need to get your moles evaluated
Since some spots on the skin may be an early warning sign of melanoma, which is an aggressive type of skin cancer, it’s important to get moles evaluated from time to time. However, if you notice any new moles on your skin, or if they change in appearance, an immediate check by the doctor is a good idea. Moles are normally symmetrical in shapeand have a single color, changes in size and color could indicate skin cancer.

How often do you need to get moles evaluated?
Doctors recommend monthly self-checks to identify any new or changing moles. A full body scan by your dermatologist should be done yearly as a matter of course, especially if your skin is subject to sun damage.

Mole evaluation is available in Chicago, Illinois, at the Skin Cancer Center. Call 773-296-3636 to set up a consultation with one of our board certified dermatologists. You can also contact our other locations in Lake Forest (847-234-6121), and Glenview (847-901-0252).

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