How Often Should I Get Skin Checks?

Skin cancer can be deadly, but the good news is it can be treated successfully if it is diagnosed early, so regular skin checks are important. You can do your own checks and take note of any changes in existing moles or spots, but you should also visit a doctor for follow up. With that in mind have you ever wondered – How often should I get skin checks?

Why Skin Checks Are Important

Just about everybody has a mole or spot lurking somewhere on their body, but most times they are quite harmless. However, since melanoma often starts out as a tiny mole on the skin, it means that people with moles are at greater risk of developing the disease. The only way to make sure you’re not caught out is to check your skin regularly, and pay attention to any changes in the colour, shape, or size of the moles you have.

How Often Should You Profession Skin Checks Done?

You should visit your doctor immediately if you notice any changes to your moles, or if any new spots develop. Even so, you should have a comprehensive skin examination done annually, if you are in the high risk zone for skin cancer. Your physician will have the equipment needed to conduct a thorough skin analysis, and can therefore pick up on spots you may have missed during self-examination.

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