How to treat hyperhidrosis effectively

People with hyperhidrosis don’t like to talk about it much, because it can be a very debilitating condition. While sweating during rigorous exercise or on very hot days is quite normal, the excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis is not, but it does affect approximately3% of the US population. Many people suffer with it for years, because they are not quite sure how to treat hyperhidrosis.

About hyperhidrosis

Chronic sweating or hyperhidrosis can affect the entire body, but is often associated with the armpits, palms, and feet. In many cases it can severely hamper an individual’squality of life, and negatively impact relationships. The condition has traditionally been treated with the use of antiperspirants or medication. However, there are now other treatment options available that can effectively halt the condition.

How to treat hyperhidrosis

  • Botox: Although botox is well-known in the cosmetic industry as a beauty treatment, it is also very effective for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Botox blocks the stimulation of the sweat glands, and this inhibits the production of sweat. Since the effects of botox only last for about 6 months, patients will have to get additional injections in order to maintain the results.
  • Laser Therapy: The controlled energy from the lasers targets and destroys the sweat glands, but does not affect the surrounding tissue. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthetic, and can be done in under an hour. Laser therapy for hyperhidrosis is safe and very effective.

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