How to diagnose (and treat) vulvodynia to get the relief you need

Thousands of women in America suffer from vulvodynia, but unfortunately many of them can’t put a name to the inexplicable vaginal pain and burning that they suffer. Vulvodynia does not have an identifiable cause, and the location and severity of the pain varies among patients. Consequently, some doctor’s don’t quite know how to diagnose and treat vulvodynia.

Understanding Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia is characterized by piercing pain, accompanied by burning and stinging, usually at the opening of the vagina, and around the vulva. Soreness and irritation are also common. The condition makes intercourse very painful and unpleasant, and in some instances the pain is so chronic that even daily activities like sitting, focusing at work, and exercising become difficult. Other symptoms include irritation, increased fatigue, as well as lack of mental clarity.

Diagnosis and Treatment of vulvodynia

Expert help is available for the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia from Fowler Gyn International (FGI). Dr. R Stuart Fowler has conducted extensive research into vulvodynia and other vaginal disorders, and has developed an effective treatment  approach for the condition.

At FGI they utilize advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the precise underlying etiology of the pain.

FGI offers a customized treatment plan that is determined by the results of advanced diagnostic tests. Patients normally see an improvement after 4-6 months on the program, with resolution possible within 8 to 12 months.

If you are in search of relief from the pain of vulvodynia, contact FGI today at 480-420-4001 for help. The experts at FGI know how to diagnose and treat vulvodynia, so that you can get the relief you are looking for.

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