How to minimize scarring after Orthopedic surgery

The formation of scar tissue after orthopedic surgery is a concern for most surgical patients. However the reality is that the incisions will leave some type of scar, but it is possible to minimize scarring using a combined approach. For their part, surgeons can utilize good surgical techniques that can reduce the appearance of these scars. Additionally, surgical patients should be aware of how to minimize scarring after orthopedic surgery.

The orthopedic surgeon can adopt specific surgical techniques that can help to reduce scarring. These include:

•    The use of dissolvable sutures. This generally reduces scarring, because these sutures do not have to be removed, so there will be less inflammation at the incision site, and therefore less scar tissue.

•    In addition to using dissolvable sutures, scars can be minimized by using specific suture techniques. Methods that do not apply a lot of tension on the closure usually result in a reduced amount of scarring.

Patients can also help to reduce scarring by:

•    Keeping the wound covered with the surgical dressing. They should also avoid touching it, especially within the first 72 hours. This will allow healing to take place naturally, as protective skin normally forms over the wound during this period, and this also helps healing to take place with minimum scar tissue.

•    Applying over-the-counter creams. These will change the color and shape of the scar, so that it is less noticeable.

If you are looking for a skilled orthopedic surgeon in South Florida, contact Frank McCormick, MD. Dr. McCormick employs advanced techniques that encourage minimal scarring after surgery. In particular he utilizes a suture technique called the “sub-q closure.” Dr. McCormick has offices in Miami, Palm Beach, Doral, and Orlando. Call 1-844-LESS-DOCS to set up a consultation.

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