How To Safely Close A Stretched Earlobe Hole And Reverse Gauge Piercing

Gauge piercing is now a popular fad among teens the US, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Nevertheless, there are times when people that have done the procedure have a change of heart, and would like to know how to safely close the earlobe hole, and restore it to its original appearance.

What is Gauge Piercing?

Ears are normally pierced to a small, very standard size. However, ear piercings that are so large that they stretch the ear lobe are referred to as gauge piercings. This type of piercing is done to accommodate large plugs and other thick pieces of jewelery. During the process, the holes of the ear may be stretched by as much as half an inch or more.

Closing Stretched Earlobes

Plastic surgeons are able to repair stretched ear lobes and get them looking normal again. However, it is a relatively new plastic surgery procedure, and surgeons often find that each case is different. As a result, there are different techniques that are used to close the earlobes.

In cases where the ear has been severely stretched, the surgeon may have to reconstruct the entire earlobe. However, if the ear has not been stretched very much, then the surgeon may close the hole from the inside.

What To Expect

After the procedure patients will experience minimal pain, and there may also be some swelling for the first few days.  However, patients are generally satisfied with the results, because their earlobes eventually look normal again.

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