How to improve neck curvature

If you are suffering from neck pain, then chances are improper neck curvature is to blame. This is often the result of poor posture and in particular a condition known as forward head posture (FHP), which causes the neck to flatten. There are a number of devices on the market that are designed to improve neck curvature. One of the most effective is the Posture Pump Disc Hydrator, which decompresses, lubricates, and shapes the neck.

What causes the neck to flatten?

Forward head posture, which is a situation in which the head tilts forward and the shoulders slouch. There are times when FHP is due to injuries, but more often than not it is due to poor posture when doing tasks such as working on the computer and driving, or while sleeping.

FHP puts undue pressure on the neck, and often leads to chronic neck and lower back pain, and also tension headaches. When the neck remains in an abnormal position for a very long time, it can cause muscle strain. There is also added pressure on the neck, which can flatten the normal curve of the cervical spine. When this happens, the bones, ligaments, and muscles are at risk, and neck arthritis can occur.

Posture Pump for Neck curvature

The Posture Pump is an innovative home neck traction device that can improve neck curvature. The pump provides pain relief, and also helps to increase blood circulation to the structures that make up the cervical spine. It also eases stiff muscles.

The pressurized air from the Posture Pump lifts and lowers the spine, and this action helps to reshape the curvature of the neck. The Pump also helps to draw in fluid in the discs of the spine, ensuring better lubrication for the joints.

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