Is Accutane Safe To Help Get Rid Of My Acne?

Accutane is now widely prescribed for individuals with very bad acne, who don’t respond to other drugs. It is used to treat stubborn acne in teens and adults alike. Accutane is the medication of last resort, when others have failed. Despite its widespread use, there have been worries about safety, and this has resulted in some potential users asking the question –‘Is Accutane safe to help get rid of my acne.’

What Is Accutane?

Accutane, also known as isotretinoin, is from a category of drugs known as retinoids that are derived from vitamin A. It is recommended for severe acne cases that do not respond to topical treatments.

There have been many instances in which people that have been prescribed Accutane, experience a relapse once they have stopped taking the drug. In addition, some patients have a slow response to the Accutane. These issues have caused some dermatologists to question the efficacy of the medication.

Nevertheless, Accutane continues to be prescribed for people with severe acne, because while it does not cure the condition, it does reduce the symptoms for very long periods.

Is Accutane Safe For My Acne?

Over the years, there have been some concerns about the safety of Accutane, due to the adverse reactions experienced by some patients. It has been linked to a number of harmful responses. In addition, there have been times when patients that have used the drug develop severe scarring afterwards.

Patients considering Accutane for acne treatment should therefore ensure that they are fully aware of the side-effects. They should discuss any concerns with their dermatologist, before agreeing to treatment.

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