Is alaser eyelift painful?

Eliminating sagging upper eyelids, and reducing bags under the eyes, can dramatically improve your look and turn back the clock. Eye rejuvenation has traditionally been done with a surgical eyelift (blepharoplasty), but thanks to advancements in laser technology, aging eyes can now be rejuvenated without the trauma of surgery. But is the laser eyelift painful?

Laser eyelid lift
The laser eyelid lift is a procedure that uses laser technology to refresh the appearance of the eyes. This is achieved by eliminating skin from the upper eyelids, and reducing bags below the eyes.

Laser blepharoplasty is normally done on an outpatient basis, and takes between 1-3 hours to complete.This depends on whether or not the procedure is being done on both eyes.

Recovery time is considerably shorter with a laser eyelift, when to compared to a surgical eyelift.

How is it done?
Patients are normally given a local anesthesia and sedative at the start of the procedure. The laser is then used to make the required incisions, after which unwanted fat, skin, and tissue is removed, and the skin is tightened.

At the Langdon Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery located in Guilford, CT, we use the cutting-edge CO2 laser to perform upper and lower blepharoplasty.

Is laser eyelid lift painful?
There is much less trauma, bruising, and swelling with laser eyelid surgery. As a result, there is also very little pain and discomfort during the procedure. However, if you do experience any post-op discomfort, your surgeon can prescribe oral medication. Ice packs are also recommended.

Contact the Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, to learn how you can refresh your appearance with a laser eyelift. Call844-551-9880 today, to schedule a consultation with board certified cosmetic surgeon, Robert Langdon, MD.

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