Is Eyelid Lift Surgery Better Than a Brow Lift?

Would you like to rejuvenate the appearance of your tired-looking eyes?   If your eyes look exhausted all the time and makeup doesn’t help, it may be time to consider an eyelid lift or a brow lift.  Both procedures can make your eyes look brighter and more alert, but which is better.

Is Eyelid Lift Surgery Better Than a Brow Lift?

Sagging skin in the eye area can be more than just a cosmetic concern, because the skin may droop so badly that it interferes with vision.   Depending on the cause, this problem can be fixed with either an eyelid lift or a brow lift.

An eyelid lift and a brow lift are both excellent procedures for rejuvenating the eyes and making them look more youthful, but they don’t target the same areas of the face.

An eyelid lift addresses aging in the upper and lower eyelids, whereas a brow lift addresses the eyebrows and forehead. 

When you need an eyelid lift

If you would like to fix sagging upper eyelids, an eyelid lift would be the ideal procedure, as it removes excess skin or fat in the upper eyelids.  The surgeon will also tighten the muscles and tissue during surgery.  An eyelid lift also corrects bags and wrinkles below the eyes.  

When you need a brow lift

If you have droopy skin in the upper eyelids caused by sagging brows, a brow lift will lift the skin around the eyes and elevate the brows.  Restoring the eyebrows to their natural position also rejuvenates the upper eyelids. 

Would you like to learn more about eyelid lift surgery and brow lift surgery?

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