Is there a crisis in our healthcare system?

The healthcare system in America faces a number of challenges at this time, some more urgent than others. One of the most urgent, is the need for up-to-date equipment in some areas. Despite the advances made in healthcare IT, there are many health facilities that don’t have the resources to make the necessary investment in medical technology that will improve patient care, and foster better outcomes. Does this lack of resources indicate that there is a crisis in our healthcare system.

There has been an increase in the use of medical IT devices such as medical tablets and smartphones, which has resulted in benefits to clinicians and patients alike. These innovations allow clinicians to better streamline workflow, and patients are experiencing increased satisfaction, as well as better outcomes.

Is there a crisis in healthcare
The inability of some healthcare organizations to purchase the latest technologies, is cause for concern. Without the necessary equipment, they are unable to provide optimal care for patients.

If clinicians don’t have access to electronic medical records, they will not be in a position to make the best diagnosis, or suggest the most effective treatment. The inability to easily access information relating to patient history and health records, drug information, and lab tests, negatively impacts patient care.

Clinicians that operate without up-to-date equipmentarealso unable to optimize work flow, and therefore have less time available for interaction with patients. Without access to these new innovations patients may end up spending more time in recovery, and satisfaction with the quality of their care will be much less.

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