Is vein removal permanent or could the vein come back?

Although varicose and spider veins are not life-threatening, they can be a nuisance, so those who have them are always on the lookout for innovative ways to banish them forever. There are several vein therapy options available, but people always want to know how long lasting the results will be. That’s why they often ask their physician – is vein removal permanent or could the vein re-appear in the future.

Varicose vein are veins that have become swollen or twisted due to the malfunction of the valves that control the flow of blood. This is normally due to pressure from factors such as standing for long periods, obesity,pregnancy, and leg trauma.

Is vein removal permanent?
The veins that are destroyed during treatment won’t return, but it is possible that other varicose veins may emerge at a later time. This is especially true for patients that are genetically predisposed to the condition. New veins may also develop as a result of aging, and the deterioration of the vein valves.

Sclerotherapy is one of the most popular vein removal solutions. During treatment, the physician injects a solution into the veins that seals them off, and they eventually collapse and fade. Once treated, the veins are permanently removed, and won’t reappear, but new veins may develop.

Most people experience a dramatic improvement in the look of the skin after Sclerotherapy, and it takes about 2to4 treatments to achieve the best results.

Laser vein removal treatments are available at Langdon Center, Guilford, CT, and the procedure is performed by Robert Langdon, MD, a board certified cosmetic surgeon.  Dr. Langdon is very experienced in performing vein therapy, and his patients consistently get good results. Call 844-551-9880today and schedule a personal consultation.

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