What It Takes To Keep Spine Posture In Line

It may take a little effort to keep your spine posture in line, but it’s well worth it, because improper posture is harmful to the health of your neck and back. Proper body alignment means that there is less pressure on the neck discs, as well as on the shoulders and spine. So it’s important to maintain ideal spine posture.

Ideal Spine posture

This involves maintaining the natural shape of the spine, with the neck straight and the shoulders level. When the spine is in the normal position, there is adequate space between the discs, allowing the lubricating fluid to penetrate. This enables the joints to remain moist and flexible. However if the spine gets misaligned, several problems can result.

Why the spine gets misaligned

Many of us spend a great deal of the day sitting, and unfortunately that usually means slouching or sprawling in a chair or sofa, rather than sitting with a straight spine. Walking with the shoulders rounded, or slouched over, is also not a good idea; again, the body should be upright. These postures throw the spine out of alignment.

Dangers of Poor Posture

If you don’t keep spine posture in line, then you may develop forward head posture, or FHP. FHP is recognized by the forward shifting of the head, and hunching of the upper back. It is often caused by slumping when sitting, walking, driving, or using the computer. The condition results in the compression of the discs, which in turn prevents the natural lubricating nutrients from penetrating.

Can FHP be fixed?

The Posture Pump Disc Hydrator can improve FHP. The Posture Pump is a device that releases pressurized air, which separates the joints of the neck and back. This motion strengthens the natural shape of the spine, and releases the nutrients into the joints. Visit http://posturepump.com/PickYourPosture.aspx for more information.

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