Perfecting Solo Dialogueby Takingprofessional Actingclasses

Knowing solo dialogue techniques can be a big help when doing scripted solo commercial auditions. These auditions usually require you to speak directly into the camera, and since you only have a few seconds at most, you have to really make that time count.However it is possible to perfect solo dialogue, by applying the techniques you learn from professional acting classes.

In order to perform solo dialogue well, you have to be able to connect with the dialogue, which is one of the techniques you learn from your acting classes. Applying theses kills will give you the edge you need to ace your audition, and get a callback.

The workshops typically focus on areas such as scene study and improvisation, which are key elements in helping you achieve the seamless connection with the camera that you need.

The ‘who’ and the ‘pre-life’ are just two of the useful tools that you learn, which can help you with perfecting solo dialogue.

  • The “who” – Refers to the person in the piece that you believe you can best relate to. This makes it easier for you to become fully involved in the conversation, so that your audition is more meaningful.


  • Pre-Life – Refers to the feelings or thoughts you think should precede the scripted dialogue. Imagining the appropriate action or words ahead of the scripted line you have to deliver, will help you get ‘in the moment,’ and make the character more believable.

At the Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. located in Los Angeles, they offer professional acting workshops where these skills are taught by master teachers. If you are interested in perfecting solo dialogue, then you can sign up for their acting classes and learn more. Visit them at for details.

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