How to prevent an eye injury from sports accident with my child?

As your child gears up for playing sports this season you want to ensure they are safe and protected, particularly from eye injuries. How do you prevent an eye injury from a sports accident with your child? Start my making sure they have all the safety equipment they need for each sport, and that includes protective eyewear.

Why use Protective Eyewear

Injuries to the eyes are very common during sports play, so you want to make sure that your child’s eyes are safe. Protective eyewear is therefore a must, because it greatly reduces the risk of eye damage. Eye protectors should be worn during games, as well as during practices. They are important not only for sports like tennis, racquetball, and baseball in which balls are used, but in all interactive sports in which accidents like elbow jabs can occur.

Choosing Protective eyewear

It’s well-known that sports and recreational activities account for most of the eye injuries that occur in the US each year. That’s the number one reason why eye protectors are so important. Always choose sports eyewear that fit well, and are made with impact-resistant material such as polycarbonate. Polycarbonate also offers protection from the UV rays of the sun.

The eye protection you select should also be suitable for the sport your child plays, so if your child is participating in baseball, choose eyewear that can be used with a helmet. Prescription eyeglasses are not made to protect the eyes during sports;therefore kids with glasses also need sports goggles.

Contact the Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Surgery, in Lighthouse Point, FL for more information on how to prevent an eye injury from a sports accident. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Loeffler by calling(954) 786-5353.

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