Should I get surgery or let my split earlobe heal by itself?

If wearing heavy earrings or getting your earlobe punched out has caused your earlobe to split, surgery is a quick way to fix it. However, if you’re not too keen about surgery you may be wondering – Should I get surgery, or let my split earlobe heal by itself.

Should I get surgery or let my split earlobe heal by itself?
If your earlobe is split or completely torn through, doctors generally recommend surgery, because it’s unlikely that it will heal by itself. While it’s perfectly okay to give it some time to see if the two sides will go back together, surgery is usually ideal. Even if the earlobe does reconnect, it will be weak and possibly collapse if you try to wear earrings again.

If you do have a split earlobe, its best to consult with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, to determine if surgery is the most suitable option for you.

Earlobe surgery
Torn earlobes are a common problem that many women face after years of wearing heavy earrings. Fortunately, earlobe repair is a straightforward procedure that is done under local anesthesia, and only takes about an hour to perform.

With earlobe surgery, fine sutures are used to put the two parts of the earlobe back together. The sutures are removed after about one week. After earlobe surgery, you’ll have to give your ear some time to heal, so you won’t be able to pierce them for several months.

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