Should my eye care plan change as I age?

Vision is very important to everyday living, because it helps us to move through life easily. That’s why it’s so important to treat your eyes right, by adopting a simple eye care routine that involves regular visits to the ophthalmologist. But should your eye care plan change as you age?

Should your eye care plan change as you age?
The simple answer to that question is yes, because your vision doesnot remain the same throughout your life. Therefore you have to make the necessary adjustments to your eye care plan based on your age, and the health of your eyes. Below are a few guidelines that will help.

Guidelines for eye care
Ophthalmologists generally recommend that children get their eyes checked by the age of three. This is the best way to identify vision problems early, and make the necessary correction.

During the teenage years eye exams can be done every 2 years, but teens with eye problems should have annual checks. This schedule can remain the same until the age of 40.

By the early to mid-forties, many adults start to experience vision changes, particularly as it relates to the ability to focus.This condition is known as presbyopia. The symptoms are especially noticeable when you’re doing close up work such as reading, or working on the computer.

As you grow older you may also develop problems with glare and color perception, so an annual eye exam is recommended. This will also help to identify the early onset of any eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma (learn more).

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