Treatment that can stop vaginal burning

For some women, vaginal burning is a chronic condition that is often unresponsive to medication given by general obstetrician/gynecologists. This illness is known medically as vulvodynia, and often causes a great deal of discomfort in the vaginal region. Some women visit multiple ob-gyn’s in an effort to stop vaginal burning, but fail to get any relief. As a result, they become distressed and frustrated, but the good news is the condition can be treated with success.

What is vulvodynia?
Vulvodynia is chronic pain in the vulvar region. The pain may be constant or intermittent, and is often accompanied by stinging or rawness. The condition often starts without warning, and can last for months, or years if left untreated. It can totally disrupt a woman’s normal routine, as it often makes activities such as prolonged sitting, exercising, and sexual intercourse, almost intolerable.  The burning and pain associated with vulvodynia is so intense and unrelenting for some women, that even working becomes difficult to focus and concentrate.

Treatment for vulvodynia
In order to treat vulvodynia and stop vaginal burning, the condition must be properly diagnosed. Many primary care doctors have no knowledge as to what it is.   AND part of the problem is that commonly there are no visible signs. Additionally, many doctors do not have the requisite experience with any other patients to be able to diagnose let alone treat it.

Conventional treatments such as topical skin medication, oral “nerve” medications,  injectable medications and physical therapy, very often fail to ease the disorder. However, the experts at Fowler Gyn International or FGI utilize innovative microscopic techniques, which enable them to accurately diagnose factors contributing to the condition.

At FGI they have mapped out an integrated treatment program intended to stop vaginal burning. Thousands of women have been treated with success. The science-based solution provides gradual improvement over a period of 4-8 months, and has helped many women find comfort, as well as get their like back. The treatment protocols at FGI are designed to offer a permanent solution, so that these women can lead a normal life again.

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