Help available for women with a vagina that is too small

Women that have a vagina that is too small at the opening, often find intercourse  very painful and/or may repeatedly tear. The vagina may be too short as well as too narrow. When this happens, insertion with intercourse does not cause a problem, it’s deep thrusting that causes sharp central pelvic pain. Unfortunately, many women are unaware that the problem can be fixed so they endure a lot of pain just to stay in relationships. At Fowler Gyn International they are able to successfully diagnose and treat the condition for women of all ages.

Women with short vaginal length often experience pain during deep penetration, and this can cause stretching of the utero-sacral ligaments as well as bruising of the cervix. This is often accompanied by initial sharp pain then dull aching and soreness. Very often physicians are not able to determine the source of the discomfort, as there are few specialists in vaginal disorders that are even aware of this condition.

Pain from the caliber of the vagina at the opening being too tight is obvious to both the woman and clinician. Unfortunately the proper length and use of dilators is not.


Virginal women usually have tight vaginal calibers unless they have extensively used tampons and worked up to tolerating saturated supra tampons. Most other women develop the condition due to a decline in estrogen levels. Estrogen is a female hormone that contributes to the health of the vagina. It keeps it lubricated, thick, and elastic. However during menopause estrogen levels fall, and when this happens the vagina becomes dry and the walls lose elasticity and thickness, causing it to shrink in size; both caliber and lenght. This can happen to a small percentage of younger women on OCP’s because the synthetic estrogen does not stimulate the natural 17B estradiol receptors for estrogen. The old adage “use it or lose it” also applies to a degree to the vagina, because lack of sexual activity for prolonged time frame results in the vagina naturally tightening somewhat back to it’s virginal state.

Low estrogen levels may also be the result of stress, as well as excessive exercise and borderline body weight. The top of the vagina can also fuse together and tighten after vaginal surgery, and this will also cause the vagina to shrink. Certain conditions such as Lichen Planus can can the vaginal to fuse together.

At Fowler GYN International they used advanced diagnostic tools to make a diagnosis. In addition, they adopt a customized treatment protocol that works to remedy the problem in most cases. This may involve a combination of solutions that are designed to gradually improve the condition over a period of 3-4 months. If you think that your problems with intercourse may be due to a vagina that is too  tight or too short, then contact FGI for help.

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