Vigorous workout routine vs a medically supervised diet program – which approach is better for me?

If you are somewhat overweight, getting rid of those extra pounds is a good idea, because hanging on to them can lead to serious illness. You’re probably wondering whether to choose a vigorous workout routine vs a medically supervised diet program, to help you shed the weight (click here). So which approach is better for you, it all depends on the amount of weight you need to lose, and your motivation level.

There is no doubt that vigorous exercises such as jogging and swimming can boost the metabolism and help weight loss. Although intense physical activity is important to your weight loss efforts, you won’t achieve the desired results,if you don’t have a healthy eating plan to go along with it. That’s why a medically supervised diet program is often a preferred approach to weight loss.

Medically Supervised weight loss

A medically supervised diet program can provide the results you need, especially if you don’t have the motivation it takes to make it on your own. The program typically involves a structured meal plan consisting of nutrient rich foods, along with a challenging fitness program.  The ongoing supervision by a physician and dietician is a wonderful way put you back on track, should you ever go off course.

At Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics, Roswell, GA, they offer the medically supervised HCG diet, which works by revving up the metabolism, and increasing fat burn.

If you like to learn more about the HCG diet program, call Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics at(770) 649-0094. Dr. Linda Kelley would be happy to meet with you to discuss your weight loss goals. You can also go online to

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