What are the best hip & trunk training programs to prevent ACL injuries?

The fact that female athletes sustain more anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries than their male counterparts, made researchers take a closer look at the causes of these injuries. Based on that research, prevention strategies such as hip and trunk training are now recommended. But what are the best hip and trunk training programs to prevent ACL injuries.

Understanding the ACL

The ACL is one of the main stabilizing ligaments of the knee. The ACL facilitates rotational movement, so if it is injured in any way the knee will give out. It comes into play when you have to change direction, and that’s the reason why it often gets injured in sports such as tennis, football, hockey, and basketball.

Benefits of Hip and Trunk Training

There are several hip and trunk training programs that can be done to prevent ACL injuries. In particular, balance and strength exercises and plyometric training are used to increase control of the hip and trunk during sports movement. The mix of jumping, stretching, and strengthening, helps to protect the ACL and keep it strong.

Improving muscular control in the hip and trunk increases joint mechanics at the level of the lower limbs like the knees, thereby reducing the risk of ACL injury. This type of training strengthens the knee joint, making it less likely to become unstable when loaded with excessive force, such as when you are changing direction suddenly through the knee joint, or pivoting.

Contact orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank McCormick at the LESS Institute for more information about training exercises to prevent ACL injury. Dr. McCormick can be contacted at 866-956-3837. The LESS Institute has offices in Miami, Doral, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Orlando.

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