What is NeoGraft? How well does it help with hair restoration?

There’s a new hair restoration device on the market and it’s known as NeoGraft, and it’s been producing great results, and getting very good reviews. But what exactly is NeoGraft, and how well does it help with hair restoration.

What is NeoGraft?
NeoGraft is an automated follicular unit extraction (FUE)hair restoration system. FUE is a method of hair transplantation in which hair is individually extracted from the donor site (usually at the back of the head), and then transplanted to the balding areas. NeoGraft is a device that is used to automate the FUE hair transplant process.

How well does it help with hair restoration
NeoGraft is considered very helpful with hair restoration, because it makes the FUE method more efficient. It is the only automated device that is FDA cleared for hair restoration.

The traditional FUE method is a lengthy, time-consuming process in which a circular punch is used to manually remove hair follicles. NeoGraft has a built-in motorized punch and suction that uses air pressure to extract the hair follicle and immediately puts it into a reservoir, where it’s kept safe until needed. When the extraction process is complete, the machine deposits the hair follicles into the thinning spots.

NeoGraft automation helps to speed up the hair transplantation process. In addition, the suction pulls out the hair in a uniform manner, thereby preserving the integrity of the hair follicles.

There is minimal to no risk of complications with NeoGraft, nor is there any downtime.

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