What is the best winter skin care for my baby?

Protecting your baby’s skin is important all year round, but you need to take extra care in winter. Winter weather can be harsh on baby’s delicate, tender skin, so you have to be especially diligent about protecting it during the dry, cold months. But what is the best winter skin care for your baby?

Winter skin care for your baby
Before taking your baby outside, make sure they are all bundled up, and have on all that they need to be comfortable. Clothes should be breathable, so as to avoid any rashes. You also want to make sure thatyou:

  • Moisturize their skin regularly: Between the cold air outside, and the heat on the inside, your baby’s skin can get really dry during winter, so you want to make certainthat its properly moisturized at all times. Be careful to check the ingredientsin the moisturizer, to ensure that it does not contain any harmful toxins that might irritate their skin. Add extra moisture to the cheeks and lips when going outdoors.
  • Use Sunscreen: If your baby is 6 months or older, then it’s safe to use sunscreen.  The sun’s UV rays can be just as harmful during the cold months, as they are during summer. So sunscreen must be a part of winter skin care for your baby. Choose a sunscreen that does not contain irritating ingredients.
  • Minimize bath time: You want to make sure that bath time is short, so as not to dry out the skin.

If your baby’s skin shows any sign of irritation, eczema, or any other irregularity,it’s time to visit the doctor.

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