Will Spider Veins Come Back After Treatment?

Will spider veins come back after treatment? This is one of the questions often asked by clients undergoing treatment to remove spider veins. Spider veins are harmless threadlike superficial blood vessels that form on the face and body.  If you are bothered by spider veins, there are now very effective laser treatments that can eliminate them quickly, but let’s find out if they will return .

Will Spider Veins Come Back?
Spider veins won’t come back once they are treated, but new veins can form. So if you are prone to getting spider veins, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to reduce your risk. There are several variables that can influence the formation of spider veins; these include hormonal issues, aging, and heredity (learn more).

What Causes Spider Veins?
Spider veins are usually the result of a build-up of pressure in the veins. They are often hereditary, and more common in older people. Spider veins in the legs frequently occur in people that stand for long periods of time. Facial spider veins often develop due to age, but can be triggered by excess sun exposure, acne, and alcohol (read more).

Early treatment of spider veins is always recommended, as they are more difficult to treat when they are larger.

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